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Lowering Our Sodium to Potassium Ratio to Reduce Stroke Risk

Dr. Greger

Time: 4 minutes


Our Comments

Dr. Greger begins with a discussion about how nitrate from green vegetables can be used by our bodies to improve the function of our arteries and lower blood pressure and the risk of a stroke. He says that switching from lower nitrate vegetables to higher nitrate vegetables can lower blood pressure.

Then he discusses how foods with potassium can help increase the level of nitric oxide but that foods with sodium can reduce nitric oxide release.

He also indicates some of the benefits of potassium rich foods saying that one week of eating 2 bananas and a baked potato every day can significantly improve the function of our arteries. Sodium has the opposite effect - sodium can significantly impair arterial function.

So diet and nutrition are extremely important and the health of our arteries may be determined by our sodium to potassium ratio, he concludes.

In this video there are one or more comments or discussions that pertain to:

. blood pressure
. diet
. nutrition
. sodium
. Stroke

Producer Comments

That was a satisfying video to script: short and sweet, self-contained with actionable information, and a little humor thrown in.

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