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Longevity: Tales from the Oldest Old Presented by Claudia H. Kawas, M.D.

The 90+ Study

Time: 60 minutes

Producer: UCI Media Services

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Claudia Kawas, MD, a Co-Principal Investigator at the 90+ Study, reports on the Study's findings. Begun in 2003 the 90+ Study is an Observational Study that records the changes in the mental and physical health of over 1,600 individuals who are over 90 years of age.

Dr. Kawas explains that age is the biggest risk factor for Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease and reports on the conditions of the brains of those in the study. She discusses the relationship between damaged brains and Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease as well as the relationship between normal brains and Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

Dr. Kawas discusses the Study's findings concerning the relation between Dementia and Alzheimer's and diet, weight, blood pressure and other factors. She also provides the autopsy results from some of the brains and explains the relation between Alzheimer's pathology (plaques and tangles) and Alzheimer's Disease as well as the results concerning the APOE gene and Alzheimer's Disease.

In this video there are one or more comments or discussions that pertain to:

. aging
. Alzheimer's Disease
. amyloid plaques
. ApoE gene
. brain
. Dementia
. neurofibrillary tangles

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Over the past century, advances in public health and medical science extended life expectancy by more than 28 years. People over age 90 are now the fastest growing segment of the population, although little is known about these pioneers of aging.

Dr. Kawas will discuss findings from The 90+ Study, one of the largest population-based studies of oldest-old in the world. Based in Leisure World, Laguna Woods, California, she shares lifestyle and other lessons from individuals in their tenth decade and beyond.

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