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What do new nutrition recommendations mean for consumers?

Alice Lichtenstein

Time: 4 minutes

Producer: PBS

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Dr. Alice Lichtenstein, a Professor at Tufts University and Vice-chair, 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, U.S. Department of Agriculture / U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, explains that the committee does not provide recommendations - the committee provides a summary of the evidence about the effects of diet.

Dr. Lichtenstein discusses the recently issued report and the evidence concerning cholesterol, sodium, sugar, coffee and red meat. She also explains how the dietary guidelines can affect the Federal Government supported school lunch programs and the food served to military personnel.

In this video there are one or more comments or discussions that pertain to:

. cholesterol
. diet
. fat
. nutrition
. sodium
. sugar

Producer Comments

A government advisory committee made a series of recommendations this past week about what Americans should and shouldn't eat and drink, which will help shape the official guidelines being drawn by the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services. For more about this, Alice Lichtenstein, a professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University joins Hari Sreenivasan.

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