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Epigenome: The symphony in your cells


Time: 5 minutes

Producer: Nature Video

Our Comments

An orchestra is used for this explanation of how the same DNA can provide different instructions in different cells. The narrator explains how the Epigenome can turn genes on and off (gene expression) without changing the DNA - so a heart cell is different from a brain cell even though both contain the same DNA.

The narrator further explains how the Epigenome can be affected by time and lifestyle and how changes in the Epigenome can lead to disorders and diseases. The possibility that Alzheimer's Disease might be triggered by changes in the Epigenome is also mentioned.

In this video there are one or more comments or discussions that pertain to:

. Alzheimer's Disease
. epigenetics
. gene expression

Producer Comments

Almost every cell in your body has the same DNA sequence. So how come a heart cell is different from a brain cell? Cells use their DNA code in different ways, depending on their jobs. Just like orchestras can perform one piece of music in many different ways. A cell’s combined set of changes in gene expression is called its epigenome. This week Nature publishes a slew of new data on the epigenomic landscape in lots of different cells. Learn how epigenomics works in this video.

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