Selected Videos Online

Videos for aging

"Longevity: Tales from the Oldest Old Presented by Claudia H. Kawas, M.D."

The 90+ Study
Time: 60 minutes
Producer: UCI Media Services
Claudia Kawas, MD, a Co-Principal Investigator at the 90+ Study, reports on some recent findings of the study.

"Aging and the Normal Brain, Dr. Carol Barnes"

Carol Barnes
Time: 51 minutes
Producer: Coalition for the Life Sciences
Dr. Carol Barnes explains the historical and current scientific understanding of how a person's brain changes as he or she ages.

"Can Video Games Make You Smarter?"

Video Games
Time: 4 minutes
Producer: AsapSCIENCE
The narrator uses graphics on a white board while he cites the results of studies about the effects of playing video games.

"Benefits of mental exercises for seniors persist 10 years after training"

Mental Exercises
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: University of Florida
A report from the University of Florida about the benefits of cognitive training in slowing down age-related cognitive decline

"A Conversation with Dr. Neil Buckholtz, National Institute on Aging at NIH"

Alzheimer's NIH
Time: 10 minutes
Producer: National Institutes of Health
Dr. Neil Buckholtz of the National Institute on Aging at NIH discusses the past 10 years and the future of Alzheimer's Disease

"The Alzheimer's Prevention Program: Keep Your Brain Healthy for the Rest of Your Life - Research on Aging"

Alzheimer's Disease
Time: 57 minutes
Producer: University of California San Diego
Dr. Gary Small, the Director of the UCLA Longevity Center, talks about brain aging and the importance of memory, attention, thinking, mood, relaxation and physical activity.

"Having an Impact on Brain Aging and Drug Discovery"

Brain Aging
Time: 9 minutes
Producer: Penn Institute on Aging
In this online video John Trojanowski of the University of Pennsylvania discusses some of the problems of brain aging.

"The Myth of Alzheimer's - Dr. Peter Whitehouse"

Alzheimer's Disease
Time: 10 minutes
Producer: ABC Radio National
An online video interview with Peter Whitehouse about his book The Myth of Alzheimer's

"Brain Series 1: The Aging Brain"

Charlie Rose Brain Series
Time: 60 minutes
Producer: Charlie Rose
The panelists in this video discuss the effects of age on the brain - particularly the effects of normal aging and age related dementia such as Alzheimer's Disease.

"Brain Series 1: The Emotional and Vulnerable Brain"

Charlie Rose Brain Series
Time: 60 minutes
Producer: Charlie Rose
In this online video the panel of experts discuss emotions and how the brain processes pleasure and pain.