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"What You Need to Know: Alzheimer's Disease"

Alzheimer's Disease and Memory
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: Columbia University
Dr. Richard Mayeux of Columbia University explains the basics of Alzheimer's disease and ways to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

"Reducing Alzheimer's Risk in the "Brain Shop""

Alzheimer's CFIT
Time: 5 minutes
Producer: CBS
A discussion of CFIT (Cognitive Fitness and Innovative Therapies), a "brain shop" at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

"New study sheds light on exercise's impact on brain"

Brain Changer
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: CBS
CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. Holly Phillips comments on a Princeton University study about how exercise can lower anxiety.

"Minor changes in cardiovascular health reduce chances of stroke"

NIH Stroke
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: National Institutes of Health
Dr. Walter Koroshetz comments on the REGARDS Study that analyzed how the risk for stroke varied for the primary health factors of almost 30,000 people.

"Moving for a Better Mind"

Better Mind
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: University of Texas
Professor Darla Castelli of the University of Texas talks about her research which examines the effect of physical activity on cognitive performance in children.

"Brain Games that Capture Brain Circuits and What Neuroscience Tells Us about the Self"

Brain Games
Time: 79 minutes
Producer: University of California San Francisco
Talks from Kate Possin, PhD, Brianne Bettcher, PhD, and Winston Chiong, MD PhD, all members of the Memory Aging Center at the University of California San Francisco.

"The Role of Genetics in Alzheimer's disease: An Evolving Landscape"

Role of Genetics in Alzheimer's
Time: 91 minutes
Producer: Alzheimer's Association - New York
In this video a group of experts discuss many aspects of Alzheimer's Disease including the role of genetics in Alzheimer's Disease.

"Having an Impact on Brain Aging and Drug Discovery"

Brain Aging
Time: 9 minutes
Producer: Penn Institute on Aging
In this online video John Trojanowski of the University of Pennsylvania discusses some of the problems of brain aging.

"Mike Wallace on Depression"

Mike Wallace Depression
Time: 27 minutes
Producer: Healthy Minds
In this video famous American journalist and media personality Mike Wallace discusses his experiences with depression and a suicide attempt in 1982.

"Updates in the Diagnosis Treatment and Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease"

Updates Alzheimer's Disease
Time: 84 minutes
Producer: University of California San Francisco
In this online video Katherine Julian of UCFS discusses all types of dementia including Alzheimer's Disease which she says accounts for about 70% of the dementia cases.