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"Brain disease CTE linked to baseball for first time"

CTE Baseball
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: CBS News
A Boston University study indicates that former baseball player Ryan Freel suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)

"UCLA study diagnoses degenerative brain disease in NFL players"

CTE Tony Dorsett
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: NBC
NBC reports on former NFL football players who suffer from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and its links to head injury.

"League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis"

Frontline Concussion
Time: 114 minutes
Producer: PBS Frontline
This video is about concussions suffered by football players, primarily those who have played in the National Football League (NFL).

"Former NFL player wants brain studied"

Thomas Jones
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: CNN
Thomas Jones, who rushed for over 10,000 yards during his 12 years of playing in the NFL, has decided to donate his brain to science after his death.

"NFL's Goodell, GE's Immelt on Brain-Injury Study"

Brain Injury Study
Time: 10 minutes
Producer: Bloomberg TV
Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), announces a $60 investment in brain research and technology development.

"Invisible wounds of war"

Invisible Wounds
Time: 14 minutes
Producer: CBS 60 Minutes
David Martin of CBS reports on traumatic brain injuries or concussions suffered by the military. He interviews Retired Major Ben Richards and his wife Carol, David Hoyda, the Director of the Brain Injury Research Center at UCLA, and Retired General Pete Chiarelli, currently the CEO of One Mind for Research.

"OTL: Mind Control"

Junior Seau
Time: 9 minutes
Producer: ESPN
This video discusses the suicide death of Junior Seau and the fight for the right to study his brain. Comments are provided by Junior Seau's son Tyler, other Seau family members, medical research professionals and Roger Goodell of the National Footbal League (NFL).

"New Study Finds Brain Damage in Living Ex-NFL Players"

Time: 3 minutes
Producer: PBS
This ESPN video is about a UCLA study of brain damage to former NFL players.

"Breakthrough in diagnosing traumatic brain injury"

Time: 3 minutes
Producer: NBC
In this online video NBC's Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman discusses concussions, amnesia, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), brain injury and a new imaging technology at UCLA.