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"The Science of Pain"

The Science of Pain
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: AsapSCIENCE
This video is about why athletes can tolerate a higher level of pair than most individuals.

"Brain Scan Database Aims to Accelerate Chronic Pain Research"

Pain from Brain
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: Voice of America
Dr. Emeran Mayer of UCLA talks about a UCLA database that contains brain images of people who suffer with chronic pain.

"Finding Empathy"

Finding Empathy
Time: 6 minutes
Producer: MIT Video
Dr. Emile Bruneau of MIT shows how an MRI scanner might be used to measure empathy in the brain.

"Mindfulness - On Our Mind"

Steve Hickman
Time: 14 minutes
Producer: University of California San Diego
Bill Mobley, Chairman of the Neurosciences Department at UCSD, interviews Steven Hickman of UCSD about Mindfulness, which he says is moment to moment non judgmental awareness

"Pain in the Brain with Dr. Vania Apkarian"

Pain In Brain
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: National Institute of Mental Health
Dr. Vania Apkarian of Northwestern University discusses the parameters that explain the transition from acute to chronic pain.

"Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?"

Pain from Paper Cuts
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: Scientific American
Ferris Jabr of Scientific American answers the question "Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?".

"What Causes Brain Freeze? - Instant Egghead"

Brain Freeze
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: Scientific American
Ferris Jabr of Scientific American explains "Brain Freeze" - the sudden headache or sharp pain in the forehead associated with eating cold food like ice cream.

"Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana"

Brain Marijuana
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: AsapSCIENCE
Using graphics the narrator of this video explains how the brain works and how marijuana affects the brain which can cause changes in behavior.

"It's All In Your Head - Building Brains Through Neuroengineering"

All in your Head
Time: 91 minutes
Producer: Harvard Medical School
The speakers in this video explain what scientists are learning about the circuitry of the brain and how this knowledge might be used to repair or regenerate damaged cells. Three scientists from the Harvard Medical School discuss these issues.

"Responsive Cortical Stimulation for Epilepsy: Insights Gained and Questions Raised"

Stimulation for Epilepsy
Time: 75 minutes
Producer: Case Western Reserve University
In this video Dr. Martha Morrell talks about cortical stimulation for epilepsy and indicates that it is also relevant to depression, Parkinson's disease and pain.