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"Lisa Genova: What you can do to prevent Alzheimer's"

Lisa Genova
Time: 14 minutes
Producer: TED Talks
Lisa Genova, PhD, a neuroscientist and author of Still Alice, explains why she believes that an Alzheimer's cure will likely be the prevention or slowing down of the onset of Alzheimer's.

"What If You Stopped Sleeping?"

Stopped Sleeping
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: AsapSCIENCE
A discussion of sleep and how lack of sleep is related to cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and brain disease.

"Dr. Carl Bazil Answers the Most-Asked Questions about Sleep"

Carl Bazil Sleep
Time: 7 minutes
Producer: Columbia University
Dr. Carl Bazil of Columbia University answers the most-asked questions about Sleep.

"Why Do We Sleep? - Instant Egghead"

Joss Fong
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: Scientific American
Scientific American contributor Joss Fong explains what scientists know and don't know about sleep.

"Sound sleep can reduce Alzheimer's risk"

Sleep Alzheimer's
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: Sunnybrook Hospital
A discussion about how sleep can provide protection against the effects of the E4 version of the ApoE gene.

"Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain"

Brain Sleep
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: University of Rochester
This is about a study about why people sleep and the biological necessity of sleep.

"Google+ Hangout On Air with Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Early signs of Alzheimer's"

Nancy Snyderman Alzheimer's
Time: 30 minutes
Producer: NBC
Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC talks about the early signs of Alzheimer's Disease and how to diagnose Alzheimer's with Dr. Maria Carrillo.

"Could We Record Our Dreams?"

Our Dreams
Time: 4 minutes
Producer: AsapSCIENCE
This video explains two different attempts to record and predict dreams based on brain activity.

"Sleep Brain Wave Key to Conquering Fear Memories"

Sleep Brain Wave
Time: 2 minutes
Producer: National Institute Of Mental Health
Dr. Aleksandra Vicentic of NIMH comments on how fear memories might be replaced with new memories.

"Sleep, Memory and Age"

Sleep Memory
Time: 3 minutes
Producer: UCTVPrime
This video is about how scientists at the Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab at Berkeley study the relationship between sleep and memory. Studies indicate that poor sleep leads to poor memory.