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About Selected Videos Online

We review many online videos but select only a small percentage. This site provides our comments and information about videos we've selected because we think the videos are worth watching. We also categorize the videos by "topics and issues", "individuals and institutions", particpants and subjects to help with viewer management and we provide links to the web pages where visitors to this site can watch the selected videos online.

We think the selected videos are worth watching because they provide important information about health and science. particularly the brain and mind, behavior and many diseases and conditions. The videos cover a wide spectrum - some provide basic information for someone just beginning to learn about a topic or issue while other videos provide very advanced information suitable for professionals and those with an advanced interest and understanding.

However, material on any of the selected videos and material on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other professional healthcare provider and not rely on any information you find on any of the selected videos.

Types of Selected Videos

We try to select videos from reliable sources and we select videos where we think the video participants are qualified to speak on the subject of the video. In many cases, particularly where there is no industry consensus, you will find different opinions on the same subject from similarly qualified video participants. For example, many medical professionals have different opinions as to what causes Alzheimer's Disease.

Some videos are relatively short (just a few minutes) and cover a very specific subject - like Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease in the Early Stages. Other selected videos are longer (50 minutes or more) and cover multiple aspects of a subject or more than one subject - like Neurological, Psychiatric and Addictive disorders.

Some videos are very basic and will probably be of little interest to a person with a more advanced interest in the subject of the video - like Anatomy of a Neuron: Introduction to the neuron and its anatomy. Some videos are more advanced and more suitable to medical professionals and those with a very advanced interest in the subject - like Neural Signatures of Atypical Brain Development in Autism.

Some of the videos provide discussions by a panel of people with expertise in the video's subject. Other videos show interviews, some videos provide lectures or demonstrations by one or more individuals and some videos are reports of recent news about particular topics or issues.

How to Use This Site

We classify the selected videos by keywords that can be found in "Topics and Issues", "Individuals and Institutions", Participants and Subjects. Just click any one of these in the Navigation Bar at the top of any page and you will find a list of keywords with links to the related selected videos.

In "Topics and Isues" the keywords are words and phrases that can be used to describe part of the content of a video. In "Participants and Producers" the keywords refer to individuals who participated in videos and those who produced the videos. Subjects refer to the major content of a video.

After you click any keyword you will find Our Comments about each video associated with that keyword. There will also be a link to each Video's page where you can find the Producer's Comments, Viewer Comments and a link to the page where you can watch the video online. There will also be a list of keywords with links to related videos and some additional videos You Might Like.

Watching the Videos

If you are watching a video and you're not interested in the discussion try fast forwarding until you find what interests you more. You can always go back if you think you missed something important to you.

After you have finished watching a video try another one of our selected videos and don't hesitate to watch a video a number of times. Sometimes it takes a couple viewings to understand some of the more complicated topics.

Additional Videos

We add new videos every week and so we encourage you to check back at this site regularly.

If there are other topics or issues that you think should be covered on this site let us know - just send us your comments using the Comment Box located on this page or send us an email using the "Contact Us" link which is located on the bottom of every page.